Accident coverage doesn't replace an employee's medical plan. It gives it a boost! When an employee gets hurt, their health plan won’t pay the rent, grocery bills and other everyday expenses. Accident insurance puts cash in their hands, helping them cut back on their worries and focus on healing. In other words, the benefit payment can be spent any way the covered member chooses.

Types of Coverage

The policy covers a wide range of incidents and injuries, from minor ones that require only a quick trip to the doctor, to major ones that lead to hospitalization, surgery and physical rehabilitation. 

  • Broken bones  
  • X-ray, follow-up doctor visits
  • Burns  
  • Emergency care, hospitalization
  • Coma  
  • Hospitalization, family lodging
  • Cuts (lacerations)  
  • Stitches
  • Dislocations (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.)  
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Torn cartilage and tendons (knee, rotator cuff, etc.)  
  • Ambulance, imaging, surgical repair

Unless otherwise specified in the Certificate of Coverage, each benefit is payable a maximum of one time per insured person, per covered accident.

Why Companies Will Love It 

You'll be offering companies and their employees financial security and protection from the unexpected. Injured employees can focus on healing without worrying about their finances.

  • Flexible coverage
  • Employees can take their coverage with them if they move, change jobs or retire.
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • There’s no need to answer any health questions. 
  • Easy to file a claim
  • Employees submit a simple form explaining the accident, plus a statement of proof from their doctor.