We are currently evaluating our Short-Term Medical (STM) Plans and are not accepting future quotes or applications past June 29th, 2022 in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. STM remains unavailable for sale in Utah.

Please contact us for further information.

Don't worry if something major should happen to you as you wait for your new insurance plan to kick in. LifeMap Short Term Medical protects you and your pocketbook should you become ill or get hurt before your new health plan goes into effect.

Accidents happen. So do illnesses. Be prepared when they do.

Short Term Medical insurance covers medically necessary services and supplies required to treat each patient, so long as no exclusions apply. The plan provides major medical insurance for short periods of time, giving you protection when you need it. Whether you’re a recent grad, are in between jobs, waiting for employer coverage or launching a new business, Short Term Medical will help keep you covered. Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions are not covered with Short Term Medical, just illnesses or injuries sustained while covered under our plan.

Be free from networks

With Short Term Medical, you don't have to choose from a list of providers in order to get the best deal. That's because accidents and illnesses are sudden, and we want you to seek treatment quickly and efficiently from trained, close-by professionals with whom you’re comfortable.

Please note: Short Term Medical (STM) coverage is not a replacement for ACA mandated health insurance. It is solely meant as temporary coverage to provide you some financial peace of mind until you are able to enroll for ACA qualified coverage.

LifeMap STM coverage is limited only to those injuries and illnesses sustained while you’re covered under the policy. It is not a continuation of any previous medical plan and does not cover Pre-Existing Conditions.

PDF iconFind out what Pre-Existing Condition means in your state