Having a LifeMap critical illness and emergency treatment plan means you’re financially prepared for whatever life throws at you. The policy pays a lump-sum benefit for a variety of injuries, illnesses and trips to the hospital. There are two injury and illness insurance plans to choose from. The only difference is the amount we'll pay in the event of a claim, and of course the corresponding premiums.

What's covered under our Critical Illness Plus plan?

  • Emergency treatment for a broken bone, torn tendon, cut, burn or other covered accidental injury.
  • Emergency treatment for pneumonia, a heart attack, stroke or other covered illness.
  • Emergency dental work for a tooth broken as result of an accident and repaired with a crown, denture or implant.
  • Emergency dental work for a tooth broken as result of an accident that requires extraction.
  • Hospital admission for a covered injury, illness or disease.
  • Accidental death of any covered family member.
  • Diagnosis of a critical illness or condition, including:
    • Cancer
    • End-stage kidney disease
    • Heart attack
    • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
    • Stroke
    • Permanent paralysis of two or more limbs

Why buy Critical Illness Plus accident coverage?

  • You only have to answer a few simple medical questions to apply for coverage.
  • You can purchase a plan for yourself, your spouse or the whole family.
  • You’ll have a financial cushion for accident-related expenses, critical illnesses and the unthinkable.
  • Your claim will be handled by a caring claims analyst who lives in your corner of the world.

Unless specified in the policy, each emergency or admission benefit is payable a maximum of one time per insured person, per covered accident or illness; and twice per insured person per benefit year. Critical illness benefits are limited to one per member per lifetime.