If you are enrolling a client into a LifeMap individual policy, please be sure to use your customized LifeMap producer links (fixed URLs) instead of enrolling directly through our website.  Your links may look something like this:

OR LifeMap Dental & Vision or

If you do not have customized enrollment links, please follow the steps below to create them.

What are the benefits of the custom links?

Using your custom producer enrollment links to enroll clients ensures your Producer ID is attached to your clients’ policies.  You can also easily send your clients the links via email to enroll in the privacy of their home while ensuring you receive the credit.

How to create my agent link

  1. Enter your Producer Tax Identification Number (TIN) and your LifeMap Producer ID Number 
  2. Select the state in which you would like to enroll a client
  3. Select the product
  4. Click Submit and wait for your link to generate
  5. Click on the new link to get started right away or copy and paste it into an email or add it to your agency website
  6. Repeat the process for each product and state needed