Insurance options for small businesses with 2-9 employees. Because even the smallest groups value their workforce.

Great benefits packages at affordable rates

LifeMap Assurance Company® offers basic lines of coverage that small businesses need. Let us help you be a hero by protecting your clients' employees without breaking their bank accounts. Begin by selecting the coverage below to view the plan options for core coverage employees need. Then, once the group has determined which coverage options to purchase, begin the implementation process with the instructions below.

2-9 Express Plan Design Options 

Know which plans you'd like quoted for your group client? Review our RFP Requirements below and submit a request to today! Once a plan design has been chosen, you can build a benefit summary on the Express Group Clients page.

2-9 RFP Requirements

Ready for a quote? Let us help you get started. Simply download our 2-9 Express Group RFP Census template and fill in all the required fields. It's that easy!

File2-9 Express Group RFP Census Template

Implement a New Express Group Client or Line of Coverage

Congrats! You've received a proposal for your 2-9 group client and now you would like to move forward with coverage from LifeMap. You can start the implementation process right away by providing the following completed documents in a secure email to our team at

Once we receive this paperwork, we'll send the Group Master Application to confirm coverage. You can then visit the Express Group Clients page for benefit summary templates and more information.

Renewals for Express Groups

Life and AD&D, LTD, and STD coverage auto-renews annually, based on age-banded rates. Should there be a rate increase due to the ages of an eligible population, it will be reflected on the group invoice at the time of renewal. Dental and Vision coverage does not auto-renew. You will receive a renewal notice for your group client 60 days prior to their effective date.

If you need to request an amendment for current Express Group coverage, submit our online form to get started.