Let us help you serve your Express Group clients (2-9 employees) with the resources needed to administer their LifeMap benefits.

Serving your smallest business clients

We make it easy to provide your small business clients with benefit summaries, policy changes/amendments requests, plan questions, and online eligibility administration. See below for our Express Group resources.

Express Group Benefit Summaries

Serving your small business client with 2-9 employees has never been easier! If you've sold a line of business through LifeMap to an Express Group client, you can provide them a benefit summary in just a few clicks.

For 2-9 group clients with effective dates of December 2017 and later, choose the line of coverage sold below, download the PDF template, select the sold benefit options that match the plan chosen, save (or print to Adobe PDF to remove dropdowns) and send, or print to paper.

You now have materials to share at an enrollment meeting or through the client's intranet while our team is finalizing the contracts.

NOTE: These summaries do not qualify as summary plan descriptions under ERISA and do not reflect the full exclusions or limitations of the policies. LifeMap is not liable for any errors or omissions on these summary documents. If there is any discrepancy between these documents and the master policy, the master policy provisions will prevail. Benefits may not be available in all states.

Member Forms and Additional Information

Request Policy Changes / Amendments

Need to make a change to a group policy with 2-9 employees? How about add a new line of coverage? Simply submit your change requests through our online form to start the process. Depending on the type of amendment requested, you may be asked to submit a new census.

Manage Eligibility Online

Are your group clients signed up for one of our online administration centers? Group administrators can process eligibility changes, enroll employees and dependents in coverage, and access their current invoice, policy, and certificates online in the LifeMap Employer Admin Center (EAC) for all coverages, except Dental. To manage their dental benefits, they can use the LifeMap Dental Admin Center (DAC).

To receive a registration invite for the EAC or DAC the policyholder must submit a request from our website. Once registered, they can access the admin centers at the following addresses:

Please share this information with your group clients to help them get started administering their eligibility online.

Express Group Service Directory

Have questions? Download our directory for a list of contacts by department. Better yet, share it with your group clients.