Looking for a quote? We're ready to help. First, we need some information from you in order to provide an accurate quote in as short a timeframe as possible. 

A copy of the bid specifications must include: 

  • Name of the group (legal and DBA)
  • Form or type of organization (S-corp, C-corp, LLC, LP, etc.)
  • Nature of business with SIC and/or NAICS codes
  • Location of group
  • Years in business
  • Agency and agent name
  • Current commission levels and requested commission levels if different from LifeMap standard scales
  • Employer contribution toward premium

Census data:

(Excel format is preferred for speed and accuracy of quoting. If desired, the template below can be used for groups with 10 or more employees. If you have an Express Group with 2-9 employees, visit the Express Groups page.)

Download Our RFP Requirements Template

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth or Age
  • Salary – if salary based life plan or STD/LTD
  • Class – if class based schedule
  • Occupational Title – this is required if quoting LTD
  • Voluntary Coverage Amounts – if the current amounts are being requested to be grandfathered
  • Zip Code – this is required if quoting dental
  • Enrolled Tier or Family Status – this is required if quoting dental
  • Number of children within each family - this is required if quoting dental

Contracts and renewals:

  • A copy of all current contracts or certificates with amendments. If the master contract with amendments is not available, a copy of the certificate or booklet is the best substitute. 
  • Prior carrier’s renewal with experience exhibit should always be included when available.

Experience for the last five years (minimum of three years)

  • Life: Required for groups of 1,000 or more.
    (Should include paid premium, paid claims, waiver listing by person.)
  • AD&D: Required for groups of 10,000 or more.
    (Should include paid premium and claims.)
  • STD: Required for groups of 100 lives or more.
    (Should include paid premium and claims.)
  • LTD: Required for groups of 300 lives or more.
    (See LTD section for more details.)
  • Dental: Required for groups of 100 lives or more (50 lives in Washington).
  • Rate History required for all products.  

Rate History should cover the same time period as the experience.

  • Benefit History (Plan Changes) that occurred during the same period covered by the experience.
  • Number of insured lives by year.

LTD insurance

The current carrier’s experience data should be no more than six months old. Experience data should include the following for the most recent five (but no fewer than three) years:

  • Paid claims by year and if possible by year of incurral
  • Paid premium by year
  • Open claim listing, which should include the following:
    • Date of birth or age at disability
    • Date of disability
    • Current net benefit
    • Gender information for all open claimants
    • The current carrier’s reserves
  • Rate history covering the same time period as the experience
  • Benefit history (plan changes) covering the same period as the experience
  • Number of insured lives by year

If available, the following would be beneficial LTD experience information:

  • Gross benefit amounts, deductible benefit amounts (and source), nature of disability and occupation for each claimant.
  • Closed claim information with all information indicated on this list, as well as date and reason for closure.