We are pleased to announce a new and improved individual dental plan as part of our partnership with Willamette Dental Group. The Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan includes improved benefits for Major Dental services and lower premiums, in many cases.  It will replace the current Managed Care plan, but will continue to be administered through Willamette Dental Group in Oregon and Washington. 

Enrolling Clients in Individual EPO Dental

Updated dental enrollment packets and brochures for Oregon and Washington can be found on LifeMapCo.com/forms. We are accepting the new applications as of July 1st, with August 1st as the earliest effective date for the new EPO plan. June 30th is the last day existing Managed Care applications will be accepted.

Existing Individual Managed Care Members

Current members on the Willamette Dental Group Managed Care plan will receive a letter on or about July 15th notifying them that they will be automatically transitioned to the EPO plan on October 1, 2016.

If current Managed Care members do not want to switch to the new EPO plan, they need to contact LifeMap in writing by September 1st to cancel their policy effective September 30th. Policies cannot be canceled by phone. Email: support@LifeMapCo.com or Fax: 1(855) 207-1202

Current Managed Care members who transition to the EPO plan can continue to see the same Willamette Dental Group dentist. In addition, they will not experience new waiting periods, application fees, and will not experience a disruption in their existing treatment plan.

Agent Commissions

When enrolling new clients to the Individual EPO Dental plan, agent commissions continue to be 15% for Year 1 and 5% for Year 2+. Policies that transition from the current Managed Care plan to the EPO plan will pay the agent renewal commission of 5% beginning with the October 1st transition date.

  • Agents will be paid a lump sum amount for the difference in commission resulting from using the rate of 5% instead of 15% for Individual EPO policy premiums paid during what would have been the remaining months of the Managed Care policy’s first 12 months.
  • Managed Care policies with effective dates of November 1, 2015 and newer
    • For these policies the lump sum commission amount equals (12 – Months Managed Care policy in force on October 1, 2016) multiplied by the Managed Care Monthly Premium multiplied by 10%

We encourage you to review the new Individual EPO outline of coverage found in the updated dental enrollment packets to learn more. In addition, we apologize for any inconvenience the transition of existing members from Managed Care to EPO may cause.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your clients’ LifeMap dental plans, please contact us directly at 1(800) 756-4105 or support@LifeMapCo.com.