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You'll want to flaunt the floss and bat your eyes over our individual Dental insurance and Vision coverage (vision not available in the state of Washington).
For starters, the semi-annual trek to the dentist isn’t good just for your pearly whites; it’s also essential for your health. Researchers believe there’s a link between cavities, gum disease and other serious health concerns. Armed with a LifeMap Dental plan, you and your family can stay motivated to get regular check-ups, brush, floss, rinse and repeat. 
As for the eyes, they're the gateways to your overall health, and windows into such things as your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Beyond having great eyesight, having your eyes checked helps you see what's going on with the rest of your body. 

LifeMap gives you the freedom to choose how best to care for your oral and optical health, along with rewards for doing so.

Since better oral and eye care promotes greater overall health, LifeMap simplifies the process of finding the right plan. Find yours now.>>
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