In addition to offering a wide range of employee benefits, LifeMap is focused on delivering an active enrollment experience that’s simpler for producers and employers to implement. With LifeMap Coordinates™, our state-of-the-art benefits administration platform, employers and producers can put away the aspirin and look forward to open enrollment.

Make it easier to enroll and manage employee benefits

Whether an organization chooses to use LifeMap Coordinates for one-time enrollment, annual open enrollment, or wants year-round support, LifeMap Coordinates means increased accuracy and efficiency. Here are some of the key features of this state-of-the-art benefits administration platform:

  • Customizable user experience and setup
  • Benefits reporting
  • Flexible business rules and deployment
  • Electronic data interface and integration
  • Secure access

How it Works

After LifeMap uploads a group’s census, group members go to LifeMap Coordinates to confirm and enter any information that’s missing. From there, LifeMap Coordinates provides clear, engaging information about available products and costs to help them understand their options. Then it walks them through how to enroll, change coverage levels or continue current coverage. 

Since LifeMap Coordinates pre-populates forms as employees elect each benefit, enrollment is quick and easy. Employees have plenty of opportunities to confirm their decisions or make changes along the way.