About LifeMap

LifeMap Mission

LifeMap is dedicated to serving customers through all of life’s transitions. We deliver financial protection and peace of mind with simplicity, education and innovation. LifeMap gives people confidence to live life to its fullest.

Brand Promises

  • LifeMap provides guidance in choosing the right products at the right time
  • It’s easy to do business with us
  • LifeMap simplifies insurance by using easy-to-understand language
  • We are honest in all we do
  • We do the right thing for our employees, our customers and our community
  • LifeMap products provide financial peace of mind


LifeMap, through a name change evolution, has a long history of helping people choose the right insurance products for all of life’s transitions. Beginning in 1964, as a differently named ancillary off shoot of a major medical plan, LifeMap began to fill in the gaps of an employer’s benefits package.

Through the years our product offerings have grown, and will continue to expand, to better suit the needs of our customers, as we work in pursuit of our mission, to provide high-value products for all of life’s transitions.   Our goal is to provide products that deliver financial security; financial security that allows our customers confidence to live life to its fullest.   

People do business with us because of our high value products, our easy-to-understand language and our personalized service.  Our employees care and want the best for you and your family during difficult times, as well as the good times.  We realize that when you’re calling us, it’s likely a time of difficulty and potentially even crisis. We believe our job is to help you through those times.

We are committed to our mission and we will continue to strive to fulfill it in everything we do.  We invite you to hold us to it.  All of our relationships matter. We wouldn’t be here without our producer partners, employer groups, individual members, care providers and other business partners.  We recognize that everyone of you is key to our success.

At LifeMap we encourage you to get out and enjoy life, do what you love to do, and do so with comfort in knowing that you’re protected for life’s unpredictable challenges, all the twists and turns we experience, every step of the way.

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